The battle between Apple and the FBI has not yet ended for good. American services were able to get the data in the iPhone. How they did it? This probably we'll find out soon …

Some time ago the Cupertino giant decided that it will go on a small war with the US departments that requested assistance in "pulling" data from your potential terrorists suspected of attacks. Since the requests in the media uproar, Apple took the position in the whole matter … and the rest we already know. The whole thing divided portals, and for some was a matter of course for others too much interference in the boundaries of privacy. Sam giant apple logo has decided to refer to the whole thing and devoted her several minutes during the conference, where we could see among others the premiere iPhone SE. As a reminder: The same, unfortunately, Apple would not be able to break the iPhone, even if you would like to do it. Portals dealing with cybersecurity and themes associated with hacking alone attempted their hand. I do not want to go into the technical details of all this, but the encryption used by Apple in the smartphone processor located in a virtually unbreakable with a unique encryption key. So how the FBI managed to get inside, and finally take it, what services hunted from the beginning? Several experts on safety (not only the mobile) spoke with Reuters at the same time explaining that each of the methods used by the US secret services should eventually "leak" into the light of day. The same information about them that are such leakage will be good for consumers who care about privacy because Apple will be able to work on this and create an even better security and patch the hole causing problems with encryption. It's all about what I mentioned above is obviously very optimistic going, given that the FBI, as usual, does not want to share the methods that made ​​their operation finally succeed.

fot. Reuters

Sam exploit, or hole used for data recovery can occur, however, in the reports, which will also be available to other law enforcement agencies – not only in America. Interestingly, according to some experts, the FBI may even decide to sell their solutions to other countries. The reference is, of course, only those related to the breaking of encryption available on iPhones. Same service in the US are also trying to keep everything sealed at their desks for the next criminal cases, which will be based on encryption may allow lawyers to ask specific questions: how iPhones were broken and whether the FBI is able to really show that such the operation is possible. at this point the question arises: if Apple ever going to collaborate with the American services, or will fight for your as long as possible? We already know for sure that the Cupertino company is working on new methods and encryption algorithms that allow users to avoid unpleasant situations related to the publication of their sensitive and private data. Recently wrote mobiManiaKa also wrote about the fact that the Cupertino giant wants to create its own network infrastructure and build additional data centers outside the United States, at the same time cutting off completely from the law in force in the United States – all in the name of privacy and good customers. I assume that the way in which the FBI broke securing the iPhone will be revealed yet over this year. Increasing pressure and another (as such can not be avoided) incidents with access to data services on smartphones will force something more than just the satisfaction of users and the media laconic, nothing wnoszącymi to the topic answers. Remember, however, that it is Apple is one step ahead in front of everyone. And for that we can enjoy.