Subsequent information on the products with the apple logo allow you to begin to wonder which way really going Apple. Is this the time to experiment and something "new" and revolutionary?

Late March is fast approaching. Over the last month we learned a lot of rumors, leaks and speculation regarding the new iPhone or other devices created in secret by the company from Cupertino. With the introduction of new products at this year's conference may be that Apple decides to finally move away from patents and ways that showed us year after year for the last several months. It is not however the same design smartphones or tablets rather features and improvements, which may occur in them. You do not need to convince anyone and remind them that Apple usually last "podłapywało" news and trends in the mobile market at the same time implementing it into their products. As it turns 2,017 years could be a new, completely breakthrough in the speed of application of the new functionality. But what prompted me to help reach such a thesis? Nothing but a few new leaks on the upcoming iPhone.

Quick charge, in the end

iPhone Pro 7 and 7 are expected to bring a bit of news for users who have previously used the previous generation of Apple's smartphone. I have already even dual camera or a lack of audio connectors – both subjects and especially the latter, are subject really fierce debate in the network. This time, we learned, however, that the new smartphones with the apple logo can appear on the market with the technology to fast charge . Exactly the same, as is the case with Quick Charge from Qualcomm. Iphone 7 may have a larger battery than its predecessor, and it may end the right time to do something about it? Many people called for the possibility of wireless charging, but I personally think that the permit faster recharge your smartphone using a special charger would be a better idea. Some sources in China say that wireless charging will not be the only feature that Apple could surprise everyone this year. The technology itself "Fast Charge" will make that unit recharged faster. The first data speak of the fact that the Cupertino company will create a set of charging, which will work with the power of 2A – is a sign for Qualcomm that it can start to fear for its Quick Charge 3.0 announced last year? That, unfortunately, is not known.

fot. Apple

Something for fans of the big and small screen

Currently the largest possible to buy the iPhone has a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches, which already is a considerable size for most people. Recently, however, the Cupertino company has decided to make a nod to clients who after the premiere of "six" started to complain about the size of the device. From all this emerged the SE model, which has a really good specification and at the same time is a response to the needs of a vast range of customers. Maybe at all prove that the iPhone SE was not the end and the beginning of another way in which the American company will begin to develop. According to reliable Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo , an American company can begin to otherwise organize all your work on smartphones in 2017. It just means so much that next year may be the moment in which we see the iPhone which could boast of even 5.8-inch display, which effectively zaszufladkowałoby equipment on the shelf marked "phablet". It is also expected that Tim Cook and company decide to use screens made of AMOLED technology. But for now, this Samsung earned nearly $ 7 billion providing OLED displays for smartphones with an apple logo.

Back to the old design?

Next, 2017 year we will likely see in iPhone case, which is covered with curved glass, placed at the back. Such solutions are already known holders of smartphones Apple older generation. It is worth mentioning that the design was characterized by models such as the 4 and 4s. Interestingly, for many people it is these smartphones so far are the best and the most aesthetic devices portfolio American producer. As everyone knows, Apple is changing its device when it appends to them the letter "s". It is unknown how the new reports are true, but try to mix "old and new" could be really interesting in terms of the same aesthetic devices.

Anything with the head

New reports on Apple devices, as usual, should be treated with a subtle wink. Not all of them must of course be checked. News, however, optimistic, and if the Cupertino company thoroughly rethink their next moves, then perform another step to ensure that once again rule supreme in the mobile market. For more details and the same confirmation of rumors but we have to wait a little longer. Sorry.