AMOLED, LCD or maybe LTPS LCD? Which screens costing manufacturers least, and soon will begin to appear in more smartphones?

Currently, mobile devices can find different types of screens, but over the years the top climbed to AMOLED from Samsung and LCD, that is, technologies that provide great color reproduction, deep blacks and contrast, which allows free use of the smartphone, regardless of lighting conditions. According to the first reports appearing on the network, it turns out that the AMOLED, despite the high cost of production decreases dramatically with the price, and soon may overtake solutions based on LCD technology. Until now, the biggest barrier, which prevented producers from the application screen AMOLED on a large scale has its price. So far it has not changed, however, with analysts przewidywianiami, which appeared two years ago, the technology promoted by Samsung began to slowly decrease with the price. Declines were so dramatic that soon AMOLED could become more cost-effective than LCD component. The production costs of a 5-inch screen in full HD a year ago amounted to 17,10 dollar for AMOLED and 15.70 for LCD – as you can see the difference is actually large. Everything changed, however, in the first quarter of this year. Currently, the price for the same AMOLED screen is 14.30 dollar while the LCD is priced at $ 14.60. Unfortunately, at this moment we have not met, how many actually manufacturers must pay for the increasingly popular Quad HD displays. In connection with AMOLED production costs and price cuts for the first time in history, you may find that it is this technology will become the default choice for manufacturers of devices the budget and those with higher-end. True, this does not mean that LCD panels will no longer appear on the market – yes they will, but it is not yet known for how long. I myself am a fan of AMOLED and I would like to make every smartphone had this type of screen. And you what postawilibyście in your new device?