We have bad news for users of Windows Phone and Windows 10. Great and above all, free maps HERE working offline will no longer be available for these systems.

Or I have a false impression, or Microsoft just shot himself in the foot. HERE Maps and delivered them navigate that worked offline was often used by users worldwide. Last year, however, all the technology related to digital cartography was taken over by German carmakers – BMW, Audi and Mercedes. The application is still being developed, however, Microsoft decided that Windows Phone and Windows 10 may no longer exploit its potential – the same according to the Redmond giant development program does not make sense. On the official map HERE are given specific date, after which the navigation will disappear from the user device. Platform, which specifically concerns the situation that Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. From the first system HERE disappear after 29 March in the case of Windows 10 Mobile maps can be used until 30 June this year. Thus, developers also announced that they are going to reduce the patches and updates related to the version HERE intended for Windows Phone 8. Needless to say that this version of the software further uses quite a large number of users. In the past several months, she struggled with the navigation several problems concerning mainly the action. Microsoft apparently decided that it makes no sense no longer invest in it and will be better for all if the program is sold or suspended. It must be remembered that after I have described above, the application continues to run, but we can already count on any amendments and more or less updates. I must admit that I laughed at the computer when I read it HERE will be available and fully functional on competitive systems, namely Android and iOS. Microsoft once again shows that do not care about him his own platform, which he probably will die a natural death in the next few months. Windows Phone and Windows Mobile is a system that is currently tottering on his feet. From Microsoft's mobile system constantly fleeing successive producers and programmers who do not see it as both the future and no, a particular way of earnings. Unfortunately hard to find someone who bought the device tiles to sell your smartphone or tablet and suddenly began using Android or iOS – such a statement to the rest of itself sounds rather absurd. There remains for us nothing but wait for further developments, the final of which there is only one.