If you are going to use the latest flagship of the Korean company we recommend caution. Otherwise, the repair will not only be difficult, but also very expensive.

IFixit is a popular service that helps users from all over the world in the repair of a variety of electronic devices including computers, smartphones or tablets. Sam twice repaired appliances according to the instructions and I can say that I was able to do it from start to finish. In addition to the role of information and conductor, iFixit also takes on the table the latest technology and is no different this time. The specialists got Samsung Galaxy S7 and as it turns out, does not this device simple nor cheap to self-repair. The whole housing unit is folded using glue and glass elements, entirely without any external screws – just did Sony even in its line of Xperia smartphones. In the case of Samsung, this means simply enough, that would be extremely difficult to get inside the device without damaging any parts. In addition to housing "spread" is required to heat source. Needless to say how the last affects every electronics. All is not lost. According iFixit there are certain components and modules that can be replaced by a user. Among them it is worth mentioning the speaker, antenna and GSM module for wireless connectivity. All the stocks listed above parts are mounted on the motherboard via a small, spring contacts, allowing simple replacement. Unfortunately, to get to those items again before us state created a wall of glass and glue on the body. The strangest thing, however, is Samsung's policy towards the battery. Sam battery is placed in such a way that you just can not replace it. Of course, everything is possible, but keep in mind the consequences. Has Samsung finally had enough policy of free exchange that allows all users to photograph housing and implement there fresh cells? Looks like it.

fot. iFixit

iFixit also notes the original cooling system in the Galaxy S7, which is nothing but a small copper tube allows dissipating the temperature collecting on the processor device. The same cooling directs heat to the side frames smartphone, while allowing him to escape to the outside through the housing. New Samsung Galaxy S7 received 3 out of 10 points on a scale beyond repair, where 10 means "very easy". In this case it is the result of worse than the previous model, the Galaxy S6, which received a note at 4 points out of 10. As you can see Korean company fully focused on developing smartphones that are jednorazówkami and are not suitable for repair and replacement parts. No Well, this situation probably will be our increasingly meet.