With the launch of Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 Galaxy Edge, users all over the world discussed how these devices can handle in a duel with last year's flagowcami Apple. Finally the time came for the official fighting in performance.

I must admit that I am always amazed at the results of all tests and performance – probably because they are carried out by means of a kind of "artificial" benchmarks, which are in fact not fully reflect how the device operates. After all, it is worth checking in this way smartphones and tablets, because it gives a picture of what we can find. Ever since appeared on the market two flagship eternal rivals, namely Samsung and Apple, people have been debating which of these my smartphone is stronger and can boast higher performance. In the end we had to know the results. YouTube Preview Image

If we find differences … is minimal

iPhone 6s Plus beat the Galaxy S7 Edge in the test graphics. When it comes to performance associated with displaying and rendering the image, both Samsung and Apple have always boast place in the top of the table manufacturers. Since we tested the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge is just the Koreans showed how they should operate mobile devices in terms of multimedia and entertainment. This year, the Korean company decided to bet on a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and Adreno 530 graphics chip – on paper it looks great as it is in reality? Compared to the A9 is in the iPhone 6s Plus, Galaxy S7 looks a little worse. Let me remind you that the flagship company of the apple logo appeared on the market exactly half a year earlier than the smartphone Koreans. Looking at the fine Geekbench processor A9 reached a score of 2532 points in a test of a single core. But when it comes to testing related systems Kryo in Snapdragonie 820, the battle turns in favor of Samsung. In the test multiple cores, improved architecture Qualcomm allowed to squeeze up to 5449 points. Could eventually return system manufacturer in the right direction? Looks like it.

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Let's get to the results that both devices achieve while playing. In the test GFX Bench Manhattan, it is a smartphone American company upside – although only about 9 frames per second, but still. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge squeezed 29 fps while the hardware from Apple can boast of liquidity at 38 fps. The latter result should definitely translate into liquidity while playing the latest titles, we know that the more frames the better for us gamers. Another test graphics, or Manhattan Offscreen again puts Samsung on a pedestal. The 1080p resolution is just the Korean unit copes better about 7 frames per second on the iPhone 6s Plus. Again, a small difference result and virtually imperceptible to the human eye – in spite of everything. There is no then complain about the Adreno 530 although you can see that in larger resolution than full HD this system can not cope quite as well.

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To sum up: both devices fall into the same benchmarks and tests and the differences between Samsung and Apple are really minimal and should not be so decide to purchase a particular device. As mentioned, the benchmarks are not the ultimate determinant of the quality of each of the smartphones because it affects a lot more factors than we can from the beginning to expect. According to you, which of the devices more deserving of attention? In my case it is Samsung, which still puts on innovation and trying to surprise us.