Antutu is one of the most popular benchmarks, which determines the performance of individual mobile devices. Recently published results of the current top processors, so we know that the Snapdragon 820 is second to none, especially in terms of GPU. Most importantly, do not he is suffering from ailments of his predecessor.

Antutu is one of the most popular benchmarks, which roughly defines the performance of individual smartphones and CPUs. The same Antutu raises mixed feelings among testers who prefer to bet on GFXBench, Geekbench or AndroBench, but completely different believes most users who just based on this benchmark building their opinion on the performance of individual smartphones. Anyway, not much Antutu is the main protagonist of this entry, and is currently the most efficient systems in the mobile market, which has been tested in the . The results speak for themselves – Qualcomm returned to the top.

Fig. Antutu

The results given by Antutu determine both the processor performance as a whole and their layouts, and the results were averaged. In the first category the competition is very tight, and the result of more than 136 thousand. points leads Snapdragon 820, and right behind it is the Apple A9 (approx. 132.5 thousand. points) and Exynos 8890 (less than 130 thousand. points). Later is gulf, as being behind the podium Kirin 950 loses to leaders of approx. 40 thousand. points. In this table, we should also pay attention to Snapdragony 650 and 652, which appear to be similarly effective to the Snapdragon 808 and 810, ie the top of Qualcomm chips for the year 2015. Theoretically, this means that the shelf mean maybe this year wait for a bright future, but practice shows that some producers of seeing these processors hearts of your flagowców as Sony Xperia X or Oppo model R9, while others place them in smartphones by price very close to flagowców, as in the case of Samsung Galaxy A9. True average shelf (device significantly below 2000 PLN) will continue to be based on complex systems with high-clocked cores Cortex-A53, so long awaited revolution, unfortunately, is not to be expected, since the former flagship of Snapdragonami 800/801 will still be a better choice, especially for performance layout.

Fig. Antutu

As mentioned GPU we are also met the performance of individual layouts by. Antutu. Here Adreno 530 simply outclassed the competition, because the winning score of 55 thousand. PowerVR GT7600 ahead of the Apple A9 less than 16 thousand. and Mali-T880 MP12 with Exynos 8890 by 17.5 thousand. points, which only confirmed the earlier results from GFXBench where Adreno 530 also gave the competition a hard time. All these data gives us to understand that Qualcomm after the failed 2015 finally returned to the summit and quite decisively won with its biggest rivals. If part of you is concerned, however, a repeat of last year's entertainment, when theoretically powerful Snapdragon 810 lost a large part of the performance over time (due to very high temperatures), then look please at the following two tables, which have been developed by a team of XDA :

The subsequent tests in Geekbench CPU / photo. XDA

Multiple tests GPU in 3D Mark / photo. XDA

As you can see Snapdragon 820 (Galaxy S7) behaves under load very similar to Apple A9 of the iPhone 6s Plus, ie. loses little of the CPU performance and approx. 20% GPU performance (yes, well you see – the layout of the iPhone is also the phenomenon of thermal throttling), constantly ensuring incomparably better performance than last year's Snapdragon 810. of course, the ideal is still a little lacking, but the flagship Qualcomm system will go to a really large number of devices, which will be He was doing time better, and sometimes worse, so we should also look at the performance of individual smartphones. You should also wait for the tests under load Exynos 8890, which may be the dark horse of the competition.