Developers responsible for OxygenOS not idle. The smartphone OnePlus 2 lived to update that improves the quality of images, and more.

OnePlus 2 debuted some time ago, and more specifically at the end of July last year. From the very beginning between the top smartphone was characterized by the specification and a really good camera module for the registration various sorts of multimedia. The device itself operates, however, based on the original system OxygenOS, which is nothing but simply a modification of Android. Today, all smartphones OnePlus 2 received a software update , which raises version of OxygenOS to version 2.2.1. Upgrade is distributed via OTA and it happens in waves, so if you do not yet have any notification on their device that does not really have to worry about. But what brings a new update? Change a few, but among them we find one that resonates with people who likes to take pictures using mobile devices. Small update brings support and optimizations to take photos in RAW format. The same solution is characterized by increasing the tonal range, lack of lossy compression and can store from 12 to 14 bits per pixel – for comparison, a normal .jpg is able to save 8 bits. In addition, the registration of images in RAW format gives you the ability to save the best image quality available, we can "squeeze" from the camera on the device. In addition, users can expect amendments Bluetooth works and renovation GMS 3.0. If your models, there were also problems with saving partial images of this you are also not have to worry. The last of the amendments relate to support for the Romanian language, and the enhancement of calls and send messages directly roaming. It is worth mentioning that the new update also includes the February security patch from Google so that we can be sure (although that part), our device will be protected in real time. As mentioned, the update should appear in the next few days on all devices.