Yesterday we informed you about the speech Steve Ballmer, who expressed his opinion on the Android and iOS platforms. In his view, the product of Google is too "wild" to work on it, and the system is subject to the Cupertino giant, exaggerated control of Apple. Golden means to be Windows Phone. The problem is that as long as the OS does not enjoy too much popular among the customers.

Android is now the undisputed market leader in the mobile / Fig. Gartner

Analyst firm Gartner released a report , which shows that Symbian and studies are still more popular than Windows Phone. In the third quarter this year smartphones running the Korean company accounted for 3% of all sales of "smart phones". In the case of Symbian, this ratio was 2.6%. What about Microsoft's OS? Still a very modest 2.4%.

Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone platform popularize? / Fig. Nokia

It is worth mentioning that iOS share of the smartphone market at that time amounted to 13.9%, and Android up 72.4%. There is no doubt that in the coming quarters Windows Phone share in the mobile sector will grow, but it's hard to say whether the platform will be able to "root" and the first wave of popularity, comes a period of stable development and acquisition of new customers? Opinions on the matter are divided and today any discussion like reading tea leaves. Source: Gartner