Processors designed for mobile devices is a very interesting market, which is divided and ruled by Qualcomm. However, his position may soon weaken as more and better cope with their Exynosami Samsung, which just jumped to the top five.

Processors designed for mobile devices are becoming more powerful and for this there is no doubt. There is also no doubt that it ruled on Qualcomm, which Snapdragony are present in many smartphones really diverse manufacturers. And what is the next part of this market? For starters just mention that according to Strategy Analytics the value of the market for mobile processors in 2015 amounted to 20.1 billion dollars, or about 4% less than the year before. This is another sign saying that the smartphone market obviously slows down and is likely to enter slowly into the stabilization phase, which is a good sign especially for those whose position is really strong. This team includes Qualcomm, which scoops for itself 42% of the processor market . Just behind Qualcomm was ranked Apple (21%) and MediaTek (19%). While the Cupertino giant rather not have special opportunities for strong growth, so MediaTek is gaining more and more new partners (eg. Sony), a Chinese smartphone which hit Taiwanese systems are growing in strength. Behind this trio was Samsung, which produces processors known to us as Exynosy. Samsung has so far not been in this type of statement, so the debut in fourth place is particularly noteworthy. The main reason for this success was undoubtedly place solely on its own processor with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and the development of systems for devices with lower price levels and this model is and will continue this year (with some change in the form of appearance Snapdragon 820 in the Galaxy S7 designed for Chinese and American markets). If Samsung will consistently put their own Soc, it has the opportunity to further strengthen its position in this segment smartfonowego market. When we take into account even still plans to create its own GPU or market expansion display is easy to see that the Korean manufacturer may in the future be not only self-sufficient, but also capable of keeping in check the entire market, which he no doubt wishes.