mPay SA has prepared a promotion to boost under which admits a gift hundred percent boost. Action is time-limited and will last today only.

100% free to recharge! This offer dedicated services to all customers on the card. Users of the card: JA + The Card, Plus Card, Plush, Simplus, Sami Swoi, 36.6, JA + Internet on the card, plus Internet On the card, who make top-up a minimum of 50 gold. This promotion is only valid today ( 02.29.2016). recharges the account shall be effected through one of the parties: , or mobile application [CST_3 ] and mPay mobile application. Bonus in the form of 100% of the committed supply will be activated on the customer's account within 3 working days from the recharge. Note, however, that does not extend the period of validity for outbound services. I invite interested parties to regulations .