Microsoft begins the process of modernization of the service network is part of a long-term plan launched later that year changes this time will affect services in central Poland. Do customers feel the new service?

The rumor became truth

Less than six months ago we informed you on gsmManiaKu the likely changes in the structure of the service of Microsoft. What was a rumor, since February 16, 2016 it has become a painful truth – the Redmond giant has changed the policy servicing smartphones and accessories from Microsoft. Information in support of the changes gave one of the existing service outlets Nokia / Microsoft company Regenersis. Reading the message that appeared on the website we learn will look like further handling devices sent to the foreign service.

In 2016, further policy change, the service from Microsoft in the use of smartphones and phones of this brand. Warranty repairs for the entire European market will be carried out in the European Service Centre iQor Hungary. Delivery of equipment for repair to the European Service Centre will be carried out through the so-called. Consolidation Hub. This role will include central services so far supports Microsoft on the Polish market – eg Regenersis (Warsaw). This means that Regenersis will be responsible for receiving devices targeted for warranty service from operators, shops and individual clients and transferring them to repair directly to iQor Hungary. The transition to a new way of handling will be carried out gradually — the first devices already found their way to repair the iQor Hungary.

Reporting equipment to the site will not change – points kolektorskimi will continue to be two (former) central services or the aforementioned Regenersis and SBE. Service related to correspondence or repairs pogwarancyjnymi equipment will continue to rest with the Polish partners service from Microsoft. Already in August, when the first such rumors suspected that the service sooner or later will be restructured, and as you can see it was a matter of time, because the service will always be at the expense of so fitting to him a little lower.

Changes to customers?

Previous rules transmission equipment and a complaint to the manufacturer look basically the same, but the phone goes now to the foreign service iQor Hungary. And here the question arises – how long we will wait for the equipment after repair / replacement? Length of stay unit in the service will be extended and remember that after the change in the law of 24 December 2015, even the manufacturer is obliged to replace / repair within 14 days, unless the warranty card specifies otherwise. Microsoft has not added any records relating to the date of execution of the warranty obligations therefore bound by the interpretation of institutions of consumer protection by the legal basis of art. 580 § 2 of the Civil Code.

The guarantor must perform their duties (eg. To repair or replace the goods) within the period specified in the guarantee statement. If unspecified time, he should do it immediately, not later than 14 days from the date of delivery to him of things by the consumer.

One, customers can be confident that the phone will go to the site of iQur Global Service in Hungary, which will make comprehensive diagnosis and repair. IQur The company is a world leader in the segment of warranty and post-warranty electronic equipment. Is the quality of repairs will be left much to be desired, that we will know after the first repair and Review Guidelines forums Microsoft customers.