App drawer / list of applications is one of the most recognizable features of the green robot, which admittedly has already passed several of evolution, but in the case of N Google Android can go one step further – namely, it completely eliminated. At least it is for now promises.

Practically since its inception, Android was characterized by a special menu, which compiles all user applications, so that each of the users of smartphones running on the system can develop screens to suit their taste. It turns out that Google is about to complete withdrawal of the solution. According to the portal Android Authority the current version of Android N was deprived of the list of applications – have reported that as many as two independent sources. True to the conference I / O 2016 was still some time (specifically, three months), but most likely no longer on this issue will not change. Of course, the app drawer passed so far few evolutionary changes – the last one introduced horizontal scrolling, incidentally, is not the most accepted by the users – but overall its removal will be a revolutionary change, which most likely will not meet the cheers of Android fans. The most controversial is probably the assimilation in this respect to iOS, although still the highest in all of this seems to be on the order of screens, which in theory easier to maintain thanks discussed the list. Of course, in the world of Android it is not nothing new, as companies such as Huawei withdrew from the application list some time ago, and my own experience I know that it can be the quite live comfortably, but I doubt the wisdom of such a rapid solution. The best solution would be to allow the user to decisions that could decide whether he wants to use this list. Of course, remember also that we are talking here about pure Android, and this change does not necessarily affect the manufacturers create their own overlay system. However, there are also voices that at a similar step decided, for example. LG UX 5.0, which is in the software, which will go to LG G5 and later to the rest of the smartphone manufacturer. In the case of spread of this solution users will have to rely primarily on launchery, so this problem can be overcome somehow. Of course, how many people, so many opinions, so I would gladly met your opinion on this topic.