have switched Xiaomi smartphone sales for 2015 years – they are very good, but certainly not on such an increase was interested in the Chinese company.

Xiaomi last year sold about 70 million smartphones. The data relate only to the Asian market, the only one in which the manufacturer sells officially their devices. If the sale takes into account expansion into European markets and the US, Xiaomi could double its sales last year. But for the moment the company is bound only to the Asian market, and therefore danse are not taken into account by Xiaomi. Although the result is very positive, sold 70 million smartphones it is nevertheless below expectations (at the end of 2016 would be between 80 and 100 million devices). To sell below the assumptions contributed to the lack of presentation of last year's flagship smartphone – Xiaomi MI5, which will debut only in February 2016. In comparison to 2014 sales of Xiaomi smartphones grew by almost 9 million copies. It is also worth mentioning that 2014 was for the Chinese manufacturer sensational – 227-percent increase in sales, compared to the corresponding period in 2013. Xiaomi in 2014 sold 61.12 million units of smartphones twelve months, while in 2013, this result did not exceed even 20 million (18.7 million).