It's not the first time the network there are rumors about copyright systems Xiaomi. What have we learned this time?

There is no secret – competition in the mobile systems market is currently very high. Virtually each of the major companies decided to create their own design, which not only is it possible to save money are still an ideal field for experimentation performance and those related to energy efficiency. Currently giants such as Apple, Samsung and even Huawei rely on their own solutions. It is true that devices based on our own chipsets operate with varying degrees of success, but you can not deny them a pretty good performance. Xiaomi is the Chinese giant, which begins boldly reach out in line for a piece of the mobile pie. While what has been a remarkable success in terms of both sales of their smartphones, tablets and even accessories such as smart band MiBand. For the same mobile processors, Xiaomi is dependent on manufacturers such as Qualcomm and MediaTek – no need to say that these corporations probably count himself dearly for the delivery of equipment systems for all Chinese people. Already in August of this year we could hear rumors that dealt with the fact that Xiaomi in the end would be independent of the others.

fot. Qualcomm

According to a new report EPC arriving from China, Xiaomi has strongly consider start development and production of the participant's own chips. The entire decision is the result of a delicate voyeuristic Huawei, which strengthened its position in the mobile market soon after he developed its own processors. Interestingly, Huawei remains in third place in the mobile industry – just after Apple and Samsung. The report also informs us about the fact that the independent development of technology and equipment related to the mass production of chips requires a lot of time and work. Unfortunately, we do not know whether Xiaomi can now afford such a decision, although there is no indication that the Chinese corporation lacked the resources needed to begin the study. It should also take into account the fact that some time ago the Chinese cooperated with Qualcomm, which is based on the use of certain patents by the Americans. Such treatment is another basis for making that cash Xiaomi considerable influence really means. The start of production of processors copyright Xiaomi could leave the company for good – of course, in the long term. At the beginning of the Chinese people bear the huge costs that will definitely translate into a number of premier equipment and accessories throughout the year. However, looking at the infrastructure and the ability to brand it seems that in the long term production of custom circuits can cause the device Xiaomi will become even (can?) Cheaper than before. Unfortunately, today the rumors and leaks similar information we have treated with a strong grain of salt. No employee of Xiaomi senior official did not confirm the information I mentioned. Before the Chinese firm stand, however, two really good goals to achieve in the next year. The first one (I hope) that the conquest of the European market and the other is copyright systems that can safely compete with giant brands.