Cupertino giant is again an interesting idea to promote their products. This time users equipment with the apple logo will be able to learn more about the secrets of mobile photography.

From year to year our smartphones get better and better templates and modules cameras. Some of them can compete now with the budgetary cameras offer similar capabilities. The flagship smartphones from the largest manufacturers allow for smooth capture images at a resolution of 20-megapixels or even shooting video in high definition 4K. Apple came up with the interesting idea and intends to efficiently exploit the potential of mobile equipment. The very action is of course a simple marketing trick, however, does not mean that users will not gain on it. On the contrary. From next month, Apple will offer in their official stores workshop on imaging and photography for owners of equipment with an apple logo. Interestingly, the lessons have to show users a variety of techniques and accessories, from which they can use to maximally improve the quality of the pictures. The Cupertino company will show how to take pictures frame by frame, with a long exposure or even on what to watch for during macro shooting – all of course with your smart phone, which we have with you every day. In addition to improving the maintenance workshop, Apple stores will also be able to learn more about the artistic image processing. We do not know exactly what is meant by this name, but it seems to me that it is simply cropping and improving the basic parameters of the images using the application pre-installed iOS.

fot. pixabay

The second set of workshops is to show users how they can use the iPad to paint, draw or even sketching on a regular basis at work. The whole campaign has been called "Start of something new". New activities of the Cupertino company to show and promote the iPad Pro as a device works directed to any group of people – in this case will be inevitable even without the latest accessory Apple stylus pencil. As you can see the new range of Apple is quite interesting and certainly will learn more about taking pictures with mobile devices. Popularity webcams in smartphones in recent times has even led to the fact that great photo contests decided to create a separate plebiscites that allow artists to put their photographs taken with a tablet or smartphone. Unfortunately, in the case of Apple, at a workshop in Poland we do not have what count. However, if you would like to learn more about shooting a smartphone, it is worth checking the text of Anthony, which effectively tell and answer some important questions.