Already the seventh January 2016 will be announced the first details on the cooperation of the Chinese computer group Lenovo with Google. Their fruit will be a device belonging to the Tango Project.

Project Tango is an initiative Google , which gives mobile devices the ability to observe the world surrounding them in a similar way to how we do it ourselves. Project Tango also offers a new kind of spatial perception on devices with Android platform, with advanced image processing technology and special sensors video. One such device is a powerful tablet that uses a powerful processor NVIDIA Tegra K1 192-core graphics chip Kepler, who received support from 4GB of RAM. On the data arrangement 128 GB of internal memory, which so far is the largest capacity in tablets with Android. The equipment was developed in collaboration with NVIDIA. YouTube Preview Image Published artwork preach the Internet but gives a lot to think about. Now, Lenovo is increasing its cooperation with Google which will result in a new device belonging to the said project. What can we expect? Most likely your smartphone or phabletu keynote to the brim with technological innovations that will allow you to create detailed maps of 3D and virtual reality. See also | Are we doomed to design Tango? It may well turn out that Lenovo is required Google to launch tablet running under Windows, which thus offer the same features as the Google Project Tango tablet. At the moment there are too many unknowns and speculation surrounding the project Tango and cooperation of the two giants. It would be best therefore to wait until Thursday, the seventh January 2016 and get to know the official position and business plans.