Nowadays, even the best operating system for mobile devices is useless without a dedicated aplikacji.System Windows 8 and Windows RT, the latest software giant from Redmond officially went on sale October 25. A few days after the debut of the Windows Store was already over 10,000 applications and games, but it is a drop in the bucket in poróżnianiu to Google Play, which recently celebrated 70.0000 applications.

Write an application on Windows 8, get a reward from Microsoft

To liven up the Windows Store and increase its attractiveness, Microsoft held a share for the fourth time Geek Club, which aims to encourage developers and anyone with programming flair to create applications for Windows 8. Each application that will go to the app store until 15 January 2013, will be assessed by a panel of testers, and gained points will be converted into valuable prizes, whose main sponsor is Microsoft. Before we get to the prize is worth noting that the subject application is arbitrary and depends entirely on the creativity of a returning. Most importantly, that they are written to the new system Windows 8 Each application after verification can be obtained from 601 to 1000 points Geek Club. Applications will be evaluated in 3 categories point:
  • Graphics (400 pts.)
  • Idea (300 pts.)
  • Implementation (300 pts.)

In addition, anyone can submit an application templates for which can get up to 300 extra points. The exact rules for reporting and assessment applications are available in the Rules, available at this address . gained points, you can exchange the following prizes, which is a limited quantity available:

  • Tablet with Windows 8;
  • Xbox 360 4GB + Kinect;
  • Nokia Lumia 800;
  • Nokia Lumia 710th