Probably the vast majority of you are aware that for some time the owner of Motorola Mobility is Google. From mid-August 2011, talking about the fact that the acquisition was mainly dictated by the desire to take a rich patent portfolio. And most likely the company intends to make use of something for which he had paid several billion dollars.

How much Apple will pay Google for their smartphones? iPhone 5 / Fig. Manufacturer

Apple representatives informed that the corporation is willing to pay Google more than $ 1 since sold the iPhone – so they want to come to an agreement with the Internet giant. Such ensure fell before a court in which the case is pending against Apple. If the court finds that the proposal from the Cupertino giant is not satisfactory, the company probably will not agree with the verdict, and for all intents and everything starts from the beginning – some experts even think that Google would never see the money required (or even any money ). The dispute about mobile communications technology and Wi-Fi. Google seeks compensation in the size of 2.25% of each iPhone sold. Apple defends itself, that the matter is so. FRAND license, which is commonly used technology for which does not pay a fortune. This time, the dispute involved two American tycoons – Interestingly, whose arguments will be more convincing? Source: