It is, our Christmas guide purchasing power for 2015! Prepared by the editors and bloggers, will help you choose the perfect Christmas present for loved ones but also for themselves. Welcome!

We got you a lot of signals that our Guides purchases you very much appealed to. Therefore, for this year's edition we had applied even more than usual. It is not only the best and most interesting guide on the Web. It is also a guide prettiest. All for you, so that selection of gifts was also pleased!

We divided our proposals into three price groups. You will find there products to 499 zł , the more expensive the range up to 1500 zł and expensive and unique gifts for techManiaK floor with an unlimited budget.

Christmas shopping

As every year, the Christmas season is a shopping frenzy intensified. We buy gifts for loved ones, family and friends. But often we are looking for a gift idea for yourself because there will be a better opportunity for shopping as it is now. Stores are full of promotions and producers premieres news. As the bewildered and not go crazy? Buy something really cool and to spend at the reasonable amount of money? In our Krakow office we conducted a veritable storm drain. There were numerous clashes and scuffles, because every maniacal editor of wanted to push through their ideas. But democracy has won and the result of our work can already view. Welcome to our the Christmas shopper's Handbook .

Do you know that…

Last year during the holiday season we were visited by more than 1.6 million readers. We helped you to choose gifts for bagatelle well over 2.5 million. This year more than five proposals we have chosen for you up to 143 products. The harder we came pruning the list than coming up with new gifts. Over the choice of products and later worked their interesting descriptions of 17 editors and bloggers spent on him a total of 300 hours and drank 25 liters of coffee. Not only the coffee anyway … Our guide is not sponsored by any company or brand. Products chose alone, completely subjectively, without pressure and "suggestions" to our knowledge, experience and preferences. Now only remains for us to wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful shopping!