On the web, a second variant of the HTC One A9 and some foreign sites predict that it will be a device operating under Windows 10 Mobile. What are the chances of that and whether it is a sensible step?

Some time ago in Tena, a new variant of the HTC One A9 , with added in the letter ,, '' at the end. Do not we informed you about this, because most likely this is simply a variant designed for a specific market, virtually indistinguishable from the original (specification available in the entry for One A9, the only difference – support for memory card to 128GB, rather than 2TB). However, the international news has permeated the information that it will be a separate variant of the HTC One A9, running under Windows 10 Mobile.

Clearly and lucidly - Android 6.0 Marshmallow / photo. Tena

Information that content can be found, among others, to GForGames , Pocketnow or WMPoweruser , which seems to be the source of this information. The only clue confirming this assumption is just to add the letters ,, in '' at the end of the name of a new variant of the HTC One A9. Frankly, I feel that it is wishful thinking, because obviously Tena talks about the presence of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Of course I do not exclude that HTC may choose to present a device with Windows 10 Mobile on board, as it were, among others, in the case of One M8, especially that sometimes they appear on the network this type of suggestion (although it was quite a long time ago and it is unclear whether the case is still valid). But this time someone too bent the facts, which caused an artificial buzz around the whole thing. Do not get me wrong – it's not about any hostility toward Microsoft's mobile system, but sometimes it happens the media exaggerate and artificially create reality (we obviously do not want to bleach now, we are also human beings and mishaps can happen to us). But despite all that you would like to HTC presented in the future smartphone with Windows 10 on board? And if it would help in some way Tajwańczykom rise from their knees? In my opinion, unfortunately, and it would be just a curiosity for fans of HTC and Windows 10 Mobile simultaneously, and these probably are not too many.