It turns out that on the flagship of Xiaomi we will not have too long to wait, because you probably already December 3 will be shown to the world.

Model Mi 5 expect to see less than a month. The hope kindles the presence of the latest Snapdragon 820 on board, and Mi 5 will be one of the first devices with the processor. Snapdragon likely to be unveiled on November 20th so already for 2 weeks. Some are concerned about possible problems with this unit, users are most afraid of strong heating. The most powerful to date processor raises hopes excellent user equipment. Certainly no competitor will equal the Snapdragon 820. Xiaomi Mi 5 will be also unique due to the use of a new feature which is ForceTouch. Whether Qualcomm will learn from our mistakes, we will find out in less than a month. Source: Phonearena