HTC has just announced its first quarter results and as you probably guessed situation is still dire. But is anyone really surprised?

HTC has a lot of trouble not from yesterday and basically the end of these troubles is still not in sight. The situation from quarter to quarter continues to deteriorate, as evidenced just published financial results Taiwanese .

Fig. HTC

In the third quarter of 2015 years HTC reported a $ 660 million revenue and a net loss of € 139 million. What rights loss was reduced compared to the previous quarter, but also revenue decreased by 7% compared with the previous three months and up to 50% compared with the same period last year. The situation is so severe that the Taiwanese have decided not to publish longer sales forecasts for future periods, so as not to arouse further concern investors. HTC is almost certainly as a result of bad in the fourth quarter of this year and a possible change in the situation should not occur until early next year, when they become noticeable effects of restructuring, which the Taiwanese began after the announcement of results for the second quarter. One of the first steps towards this happened to sell the factory, and now HTC has primarily market success One A9, but to be honest I somehow can not see it.