Work began to replace people in many different professions. It seems that the same fate awaits Samsung employees responsible for production of mobile devices. The Korean company began to try to maximum automation of the production of its equipment.

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy of South Korea has allocated nearly $ 15 billion to assist the development of robots Samsung. Koreans do not keep their plan secret and are aware that rising wages in China have become increasingly unprofitable in the production of electronics. In this case, we can expect the gradual replacement of employees robots. If the company will be able to design and create a fully functional robots it is quite likely that manufacturers like Foxconn will try to find options that will save expenses. Of course easier said than actually done. You may find that the new draft Samsung and South Korea will take a considerable amount of time before it is fully ready for use. Still, it is worth take into consideration the fact that the robotics industry from year to year will only proceed. Is it cause for concern? Source: The Register