Samsung is firmly committed to self-sufficiency. This time, the Korean giant has decided to acquire the new shares, producing their own glass, which is intended to protect displays. Is Corning is nothing to be afraid of?

I do not think it is no secret that Samsung is actively working in many areas of the mobile market without compromising on design smartphones. Koreans themselves engaged in eg. The production of AMOLED displays, memory chips and processors, thereby trying to become independent from external suppliers. This time Samsung decided to take another step in this direction, since, according to information to which arrived portal Sammobile Korean manufacturer has reserved with the appropriate authority trademark ,, Turtle Glass ''. Proposal clearly states that it will be a protective tempered glass, designed for phones, tablets, cameras, etc., so they produce Corning or Dragontrail. This message means mainly two things. First of all – as mentioned above – Samsung is taking the next step on the road to independence. The slow but systematic cutting off from external suppliers Koreans will save and protect yourself for the future. But all this does not mean that Samsung completely dispenses with third-party services, which can be proved further cooperation with Qualcomm. Corning Gorilla Glass manufacturer, does not have to worry about losing one of the largest customers. At least for now, because sooner or later the customer will become a competitor, and it is rather inevitable.