Yesterday I informed you about the next action from the "crazy prices in Orange," in which the operator proposes orange selected smartphones at affordable prices. However, one can not fail to note that the models were subject to discount rate took part in the action not the first time, which may mean that the operator wants to empty warehouses. A similar campaign organized play, which from today offers as many as 35 brand new smartphones in the offer prices in Formula 4.0. Extending not try to see what prepared the youngest operator in the market.

PLAY logo


Some of the proposed handsets by Play their best years are already behind him, however, and there are such models, which should pay special attention. The price cuts, the potential buyer can purchase one of 33 smartphones in the following offers: Formula 4.0, RePlay Formula 4.0, Super Formula 4.0, eShop Formula 4.0, Formula 4.0 RePlay eShop, eShop Super Formula 4.0 and Formula 4.0 for Business. Each of the subscriptions offering unlimited calls and text messages throughout the 24-month contract. Below you will find a complete list of smartphones, according to the manufacturer.







Sony / Sony Ericsson


As you can see the offer is rich, so I invite all interested parties are welcome to read a detailed price list, available at the network spokesman Play , or in this link .