Another promotional campaign of Orange. On 17-21.09 we can for 19 zł purchase coupon lowering your subscription at 20% for 24 months in Orange. Who can let him enjoy!

This is another of this type of action from the operator. How do I get a coupon? Just to enter the site Groupon'a , redeem the code, then visit sub Orange – activate the discount, and select the specific deal. Offer applies to new contracts in Orange, number portability and the extension of the subscription. Offer does not apply, however, to subscriptions for 99.99 and 149.99 zł zł. The use of the discount is possible in one of the following offers: Smart LTE Plan 55.98 (39.99 with active e-invoice), Smart LTE Plan 65.98 (49.99 with active e-invoice), Smart LTE Plan 85,98 (69,99 with active e-invoice), Smart LTE Plan 105.98 (89.99 with active e-invoice). Translation was also prepared instructions for placing an order with the discount code – available at this address . From myself I will add only that before purchasing the code I recommend studying Rules promotion.