Today mobile operator Plus network unveiled the first offer of unlimited voice and text messages to all users of the phone to the Plus network. After this event, said, Play, and then Plus counterattack in response to yesterday's play changed the deal, which is for the time being the best on the market. What can customers expect the Plus?

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The offer No Limit anyone Buy credit for a minimum of 20 gold and have been put appropriate activation code can count on unlimited calls and text messages to all networks in Poland. The principle is very simple – the higher the amount of top up your account, including the promotional period will be longer and can reach up to 20 days of free calls and text messages. Of course, the amount of charge is used for other purposes, and the connection at the end of the bonus. And so, the charge in the range of 20 to 49.99 zł zł customer will receive unlimited calls and text messages for 5 days, from 50 to 99.99 zł zł for 10 days and for at least 100 zł for 20 days. Below you will find a table with Activation codes.

Plus no limits / photo Plus

source: Plus