September is fast approaching. For any fan of mobile devices and technology are this month at least two dates that are worth circle in red on the calendar. The first of these are fair IFA in Berlin, and the second – a conference of Apple. Rumor chased rumor, leaks information about the new generation of iPhone appears more and more. But what of that? No matter how they look and work the new flagship from Apple. Trains to the latest technology US company and so will have no end.

Apple iPhone 6 / photo.

Apple is for me a kind of phenomenon. The company with the apple logo takes care of every detail of its products, from appearance to the same promotion and marketing. I do not know if anyone else so makes from each customer to create ideology and philosophy adapted to any equipment. You can not argue with that, you can do hate, but one can not deny Apple. It's all really works and perfectly evident in the quarterly financial results.

Why iPhone 6s the more successful?

Because it is an even better product. Recall the difference between the model 5 and 5s. The only thing you can expect is TouchID allowing users to unlock the screen and the payment by fingerprint. Something else? Processor. In the model 5s we could see a jump to the 64-bit architecture, while retaining the same RAM. Was it a reason to immediately replace the 'normal' five? Of course not. Also look of both models remained the same. But this time it will be different. According coming from each side of information, Apple decided to add some brand new features and components for its latest smartphone. The first novelty is to be created in the 14nm manufacturing process A9 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz. We already know that the main supplier of this system will be Samsung. Another thing that strikes the eye is to increase by 100% the amount of RAM. The new generation of iPhone will be able to boast two gigabytes of memory, which significantly enhance the comfort of using the iOS and offered his multitasking. Little, a lot? As you can see from the American software company had no problems with operation even with a smaller amount of memory. The most important new feature, which will be the first week on the lips of all people Force Touch. This solution even though we already know from the latest 12-inch MacBook. Force Touch smartphone has activated additional context menu in the application that will display more information on the interesting topic. In addition, for sure we will see the use of this technology when using the music player.

Apple iPhone 6 / photo.

The recent amendments which will visit in the model 6s and 6s Plus is a camera, and support for new, faster LTE communications category. This time the pictures do with a 12-megapixel camera, which (finally) will also be able to make films in 4K resolution. But that's not all. The camera of the new iPhones will include five lenses and a new matrix that will translate into even better pictures. It's not like that "six" make a bad picture. In my current iPhone camera I beat some of Xperia and Samsung smartphones. At least in terms of color reproduction and sharpness of photographs. After considering all the news and features, they have to admit that models 6s and 6 Plus will really differ from their predecessors. Apple also aware of this issue and expects a huge success, which is confirmed to increase production of its flagowców. The Cupertino company has asked its suppliers to provide up to 90 million units of new iPhones by the end of this year. During the premiere of "six" order was only 70 million.

Can we then expect another record?

By analyzing objectively all the emerging rumors and leaks can have the impression that, as usual temperature and expectations will be overclocked to the maximum by the time the official launch fell below zero. Personally, I am willing to take a chance and say that in this year's duel of giants Samsung will have to dispense with taste. Whether a new series of iPhone will be thinner, thicker or will have weaker battery than its predecessor. It is interesting just how long before the premiere we'll see huge queues positioning under the Apple Store worldwide.