Some time ago we were wondering about whether the market may soon appear sensible alternative to Android and iOS. Then pointed to several mobile operating systems that have a chance (more or less) occur in this sector. Similar considerations also include the issue of equipment manufacturers. Do you find among them a black horse?

Which company will become the third force in the smartphone? / Fig. Bob Davies - Fotolia

There is no doubt that the mobile market today ruled Apple and Google duo – Samsung. Giant odstawimy at the outset on a side track, because they do not produce the equipment. We are, therefore, two big corporations, which have much in common. First, cashing in on the mobile equipment manufacturing billions of dollars (and in each quarter), and secondly, working together as the two brands brings significant gains. Recently, however, more likely to remember what divides these giants: Patent War, in which a major victory recently odniosło Apple is probably not a closed subject, and probably very soon we will see a serious clashes. It is worth mentioning that according adage where two fight … the last few quarters in the smartphones on the production of this equipment earns only three players: Apple, Samsung and HTC. Taiwanese manufacturer recently faced serious problems and earns less and less – it is possible that for some time join the group of companies that make to the business. At the same time corporations in America and South Korea increase their profits and inform about the next record. I do not think it is expected that in the near future this situation had to change – both manufacturers fought their very (!) Strong position in the industry and the goodness it will not give up – that lost revenue would be disaster within the same company, or the race would have to stand very determined opponent with at least a few aces up its sleeve. There will be a? Manufacturers of smartphones, which heard the vast majority of you will find at least a dozen on the market. Among them are the legends of the industry (Nokia and Motorola), as well as companies that are just beginning to elbow in the industry and making their way to the podium mobile segment (just to mention the ZTE, but is one of many Asian manufacturers with global aspirations ). I chose this sizeable group of several companies that, in my humble opinion, can compete for a place behind Samsung and Apple. Place providing not only prestige, but also rewarding profits.


Logo: LG

More recently, the media discussed the opinion of specialists from Samsung (the branch of Samsung Securities), who pointed to LG as a company that should take third place in the smartphone manufacturers. The company's chart-topping handset (especially Optimus G) should convince clients to him and help him to quickly reduce the losses generated by the mobile unit. I must admit that on the one hand are skeptical about this analysis, because LG heralded the beginning of this year, major changes for the better and so far little of this show. It is difficult to assume that all of a sudden improve the shortcomings, which for years noteworthy analysts, journalists, and above all users. On the other hand, do not think Samsung is, that pointed to his great rival as a courtesy. In this case, probably driven by solid arguments, and such a good cause is missing. The above-mentioned model of Optimus G is the only one with solid punches that may soon move out of LG. The real Wunderwaffe be considered LG Nexus smartphone. I still do not know if it's just a rumor, or indeed the giant of Mountain View has decided to create its flagship product from this company, so it does not make much sense to delve into this issue. One can only assume that it would confirm rumors LG a great opportunity to show their abilities and promotion. The corporation probably aware of the fact that a great opportunity, it is also a great responsibility – if the project is LG Nexus powinęłaby the leg (problems with the introduction on the market of equipment or software update), it will be difficult to raise them after such a setback. LG has great potential, which has a few good quarters (actually, you can no longer talk about the years) consistently wasted. At a time when their biggest competitor – Samsung – has become a world leader in smartphone sector, the company performed a step forward to a while back by two. Consistently make to their mobile division as well understand that this is the future and the opportunity for great profits, but would do well in the end to give an account of the fact that maintaining the status quo rather they did not serve, and instead talk about the changes that need to be put in life. If at the end of that make it Samsung's analysis found to be the most hit.


Logo: Huawei

This is the second on the LG company that promised the beginning of not only a quantitative leap in production, but also the qualitative progress. Chinese giant really wanted to break with the image of low-cost manufacturer of equipment for the mass audience and speak up for their aspirations equipment put on the market premium. There is no doubt that these plans are not being met and in some ways we can not even talk about the shot in the foot – the corporation was eager to put on board his flagship powerful processor's own production and this has led to serious problems. Such blunders hard to convince the audience in the U.S., Europe and Japan. One slip-up, even very serious, can not of course determine the fate Huawei in the global market. In a matter of fact, it ought to be good – after all, we learn best from mistakes. The corporation has a great background in engineering, is able to spend on research and promotion of large sums of money and probably can count on the support of the Chinese government (although it is a double-edged sword – the U.S. recently erected into question the safety of services and products offered by ZTE and Huawei – this may reflect negatively on their sales and financial performance). If in the future the company has added to its portfolio of innovative and attractive mobile OS (already underway on this project), it could become a very interesting player in this market.


Logo: Sony

still remain in the Far East. This time, we look to the backyard Sony. There are signs that the company has come to a good recent changes. I mean the appointment of a new CEO (currently it Kazuo Hirai) and a divorce from Ericsson corporation. Make a few months consistently proves that he is able to create good headphones, and the announcement of new products sound very promising. Japanese company can seriously gain, so the next installment of the James Bond – if this card is played, respectively, the T Xperia smartphone should become commonly associate model. And that should translate into sales. For a single gunshot, even very successful, but you can not build a strong brand, so useful to further meaningful (and loud) moves. before Sony has a long way – the Japanese giant ossified over the years and give it to the ongoing restructuring. Also have a positive impact on the mobile unit (if bad is happening throughout the company, the negative events can affect even a functioning corporate entity). In favor of the Sony mainly provide great experience in creating mobile equipment, a positive image in the eyes of millions of customers and a wide range of facilities – in contrast to Nokia, they can still afford the various types of experimentation and risk-taking. The risk that in the long run can be very profitable.


Logo: RIM

moving from Asia to North America, and specifically to RIM. Also there is already visible effects of changes that have taken place this year. Replaced the two heads of one (Thorsten Heins), and there are indications that it can help us dig out of a giant crisis in which it now is. The market rumors are already circulating about the smartphones that next year may present a Canadian corporation (and they make quite an impression), but definitely more popular is the new platform for the company – BlackBerry 10. Although it may meet with serious opposition from large numbers of our readers, I assume a scenario in which RIM platform gets more users than Microsoft's mobile OS. RIM announces several quarters that their new mobile system can be safely described as innovative. It has to be a breath of fresh air in the market and based on past presentations actually give the impression that working on something interesting. Some of them probably resent that, in its new strategy of focusing more on the mass consumer and follow the fashion set by the current market leaders. The case is, however, much more complex and you can not just simplify – give Canadians a few months (hopefully not only once again postponed release of its smartphones with BB 10 – it could seriously harm them), and maybe we will see something new in this sector. Perhaps there would be more Kilakam companies to do, but it is the manufacturers mentioned above seem to have assets that can provide them with a place on the podium or in the mobile sector, its close vicinity. There is no doubt that each of them could profit from the mobile market and thus limit the influence of Samsung and Apple. Soon we should see whether the forces and enough enthusiasm to cope with the current leadership to the industry?