Google introduced an additional opportunity to protect your smartphone using the pattern you flag your finger on the screen was accepted by users as very warm – finally safety, never too much. As it turns out, is not quite as reliable method, as you might think.

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And all this we know from research carried out at the Norwegian Institute of Technology and Science. Were taken there under a magnifying glass up to four thousands of users of smartphones and their methods of securing and conclusions are bleak. It turns out that many of them are created from the name of a close person or animal, and more than three fourths of all patterns begins in the corner. Importantly, often they are broken simple, consisting of three or four sections. The culprit of poor effectiveness of such security is also an option to show zakreślanych line – if a potential thief, standing behind us on the bus or tram, has us "a pattern security" is given practically on the tray. I must admit that, unfortunately, there is no effective method to shield the contents of your smartphone against a potential thief – for a time it was thought that it proves to fingerprint reader, but all sides have come voices of disgruntled users. I wonder if someday we will see the golden mean. Source: ArsTechnica