To err is human – perfectly convinced about that employees play, who are responsible for a small mess in the invoices. Fortunately, "purple operator" struggling with a small crisis in an appropriate manner.

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It turned out that some of the invoices issued for the previous period have incorrect amounts paid – in window appears on the invoice value for the number 0, in turn, presented the invoice amount to be paid is correct. Of course, this is not a gift from the operator nor the new corporate strategy designed to placate customers, just an ordinary bug that caused incorrect calculation of dues. But, as announced on the blog spokesman , Marcin Gruszka, it has already begun shipping the corrected invoice with the correct amount to be paid. All those who have fallen victim to this situation, receive in return further extended the payment deadline. As you can see, the mishaps sometimes you can get out of his face. I hope it has done to our operators more often.