The American company decided to refresh processors designed for units with medium and low shelves – get to know new Snapdragony with 2xx and 4xx series.

Snapdragon 410 / photo. Qualcomm

Snapdragon 212 is slightly modernized model 210. From its predecessor (which, incidentally, is not especially old system) differs maximum clock frequency, which now amounts to 1.3 GHz. Since we're still dealing with the same core ARM Cortex-A7 and 28-nanometer process technology, you can say that the new system does not revolutionize the situation in the lowest price segment – although performance will not be a tragic (for basic tasks enough), it would be fitting offer something more, because we already have 2,015 years. For graphics performance Adreno 304 will correspond to the whole system will support a maximum resolution screens with HD resolution cameras to 8Mpix, Quick Charge 2.0 and support for LTE (and that's good is that it should already be standard in each price). A similar modification lived to see the Snapdragon 410. The newest system from this family, that is, S412, will be made ​​up as predecessor of the four core ARM Cortex-A53 with a maximum clock speed of 1.4 GHz and will handle screens with a maximum resolution of Full HD (but not, however, I recommend the configuration) and devices with a maximum resolution 13mpix. Perhaps the biggest change compared to the Snapdragon 410 is increased memory bandwidth (from 533 MHz to 600 MHz). How, then surely they have noticed the changes are really cosmetic and a big jump in performance will not really. To be honest I'm not particularly happy with the creation of these systems for one simple reason – it is likely that producers will be installed to further new (in their opinion) średniaków newly presented Snapdragon 412, which (only) on paper will be per user efficient than previous generation. Średniaki can ugrząźć computing power at present by popular so far with Snapdragon device 400, which after all does not deviate much from the newer generation, and triumphed after all, until two years ago. Besides, I have the impression that Qualcomm by the lack of ideas is slowly becoming a Samsung among manufacturers of systems for mobile devices, presenting new models with very similar specifications to really contribute nothing. All hope in successive generations of processors from the 4xx – 415 and 425, but will not we wait a little longer. Source: Liliputing