As you may have noticed really it began a period of adjustment quarterly financial results. After Samsung and LG's turn to Sony. Japanese people as a whole are doing really splendidly, but throughout beczcie honey is a great spoon of tar and perhaps they guessed about which department in question.

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra - or help the mobile department? / Photo. Xperiablog

But let's start overview of the relevant positive for Sony information. Company revenue for the quarter amounted to 14.8 billion dollars and is only about 0.1 percent lower than in the same period of the previous year, so really the difference is really negligible. Much better to present themselves operating revenues or profit that year-over-year increased by 102.9 and 207.5 percent. What departments of the company is merit? I think for anybody will not be a surprise that in such a big success corresponds to the troops of games and services (pronounced. Playstation 4) and cameras and cameras. Unfortunately, most us interesting mobile division proved to be the above-mentioned stumbling block, because in the last quarter smartphone sales revenue amounted to 2.3 billion dollars (this is a decrease of 16%), while losses increased to a level of $ 188 million. The situation increasingly mobile division is getting worse and it's hard not to ask why Sony is constantly playing in it? As I informed you a while ago Japanese officially and finally denied any rumors talking about the sale of their mobile division, announcing at the same time reducing employment. In my opinion, this is hardly a cure for all evil – in addition to the cost reduction could use a refresh line of their products and introduce a number of innovative solutions. I have the impression that new customers distracts from Sony just some stagnation and therefore I do not say that the evolutionary development of its products is bad, just Japanese for a long time that development stalled in time. Time to slow this end and I hope that the Xperia Z5 (although ultimately would not be called) Sony breathes new spirit, just as slowly renewing its cap. Firmly believe that. Source: Sony