Currently Honor 7 is the most advanced smartphone in an assortment of brand. With its purchase of appeals metal casing, high-performance components, as well as the graphical interface. We already know that the smartphone will soon make its debut on the European market, and today we were able to determine the approximate date of introduction of the Polish market.

Honor 7 / photo. Sol

According to the information that we were able to acquire, Honor 7 on the Polish market will be available in August this year. There are not any specific date fell and that's because they can probably be delays in delivery. There was also given to us to know the approximate amount that will need to invest deciding to purchase Honor 7. I, however, I bet 1,999 zlotys for the basic version. Moreover, we know that unveiled a few days ago Honor 4A also appear in Poland, but here not even the approximate date fell. Interested parties should therefore wait for further information.