Looking at recent events one can conclude that LG and Google have excellent relations. After all, the Koreans were among the first of this year presented its flagship immediately with Android 5.1 or whether they just have to take care of production of the new Nexus. Now there was a rumor to further strengthen relations – Google allegedly wants to buy shares of LG.

Nexus 4 and 5 is the fruit of a very successful collaboration of Google and LG / photo. Manufacturer

More precisely, 35% of the shares, which would cost giant $ 2.2 billion. As you can see this sum would be a huge deal and would make Google the largest shareholder Koreans. She would have been a second attempt to enter by the creator of Android smartphones on the market, because as we remember the first one, ie. The acquisition of Motorola, quickly ended the resale of the Chinese company Lenovo. But as well all we know it is not LG Motorola and LG is not only a manufacturer of smartphones, as it is, is a major player in the market of televisions and displays. Self LG as yet officially denies everything, and I own all this rumor seems a mere fabrication. The situation with Motorola showed that Google has enthusiasm for creating smartphones and leaves them better cooperation with external companies for the production of the next Nexus. In addition, the 35% stake would not give real power in the Korean company, and yet when it comes to business (not software) Google does not play in half-measures. Source: KoreaHerald