For the first smartphone OnePlusOne, the system calls was the biggest problem, which at the outset they met potential customers are Chinese company. For the second smartphone can be the same. Today, the company revealed more details about sales of its popular flagship successor.

Two OnePlus invites / photo. OnePlus

OnePlus today praised a pretty large changes, which is expected to bring new, streamlined system of calls. The most important decision is based on increasing the number of smartphones that will be available to clients immediately after the premiere. The latter is the more interesting. The company has now introduced a special list of reservation. So if you do not want to give up on the forums, is just save on the manufacturer's website your e-mail and wait for the allocation of the device. It is worth at this point to recall that if you purchase already OnePlus Two, it will get invitations for their friends. OnePlus strategy at the moment, however, does not present himself as well, although the company itself believes that selling more copies of the new smartphone than it was the first of its version. And you you're going to buy OnePlus Two? Source: OnePlus