Currently, LTE connectivity was not introduced to all the smartphones on the market. This technology is slowly starting to show up in devices with mid-priced not to mention those in the same hierarchy are the lowest. Already, many manufacturers have focused on the creation of a successor 4G network. What awaits us, however in the future?

Back Huawei P8 / photo. Livestreaming Huawei

As reported by DigiTimes, Huawei and ZTE officially they joined the work on developing the world's first 5G networks. According to the aforementioned report, Huawei plans to invest in research up to $ 600 million each at the same time choosing to support two large mobile operators. We are talking specifically about Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom. A little different strategy including the development of ZTE peeled. The company itself plans to spend on the project "only" $ 336 million establishing cooperation with the Japanese Softbank. Interestingly, at the beginning of 2016 years we see the first, prototype devices being able to boast about the possibility of action based on the latest technology. Sam now I'm curious what the rate will be able to offer new 5G network. Sam currently using to date with 3G due to lower energy load on my smartphone and virtually no difference in speed in the city. There remains for us nothing else to do but wait for the first mobile devices to support the new standard, k hich will certainly be something watershed for the entire industry. Source: DigiTimes