Recently I wrote about a new drink, which can be bought in Belarus (the information obtained from one of the readers indicate that the product is also available in Lithuania). I mentioned it because I associate "tropical coli" is the company Rovio, and canned and bottled find the heroes of the game Angry Birds. Probably many of you are interested in information that soon we will see another reads this popular title.

Angry Birds / Fig. Manufacturer

Studio Rovio published short animation where you can see the Raging Bird covered with a mantle. Initially, it is invisible, but it comes with the activation of the Jedi sword. Everything therefore points to the fact that the next edition of Angry Birds will be embedded in the realities of the iconic Star Wars already. In confirmation of these reports will not have long to wait – everything should be clear tomorrow, October 8. The official premiere of the new game will take place in New York. Angry Birds combination of Star Wars can bring interesting results – especially since the popularity and profits. For many fans of the Finnish studio application is a must, and at the same title is also of interest to fans probably stellar saga. I expect, however, that some of them consider the idea of ​​the desecration and boycott this concept. And you? Now waiting for a new game? Source: Rovio