It seems that this year's IFA, which will be held in Berlin, will be the first big event, where Microsoft will showcase Windows 10 machine on board. They were informed of this in a special press release. Interestingly, we do not find in it the word "smartphone" or "mobile".

Maybe this time we will see flagship? / Photo. Microsoft

The author of the note is Nick Parker, who is vice-chairman of the OEM division at Microsoft. He informed that on the aforementioned fair Microsoft will hold a conference Fri. "Windows 10 Lights Up New Devices". So certainly we will see a new device running Microsoft. Are you among them we find smartphones? Hard to say. Parker has nothing in common with the department responsible for Microsoft's smartphones, or the one who is responsible for the Surface tablet. Still, there gets to me that Microsoft will only several laptops from different manufacturers. It argues for not only my feeling, but also the sentence, saying that on the stage there will be new tablets, the devices 2 in 1 Premium laptops and gaming devices, and all-in-one. Microsoft can not show just anything at the conference to be a springboard for the new system, the Redmond giant. What worries me is the lack of mention of smartphones. Could it was the aftermath of the latest information about the changes at Microsoft? Let us hope that despite everything we see there also Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL, which are rumored for a long time. Microsoft's conference will be held on September 4, at 15:00 Polish time. Source: PhoneArena