In the first quarter of this year, 92% of all profits went to Apple's piggy bank. And all this despite a much smaller market share than has even Samsung.

Apple Store logo / photo. Apple

The American company with an apple in the logo won the vast majority of the industry's operating income in 2015. At the moment Apple has received up to 92 percent of the income earned by the top eight manufacturers of smartphones in the world. It's much better result than last year's 65 percent, which then won Apple. Immediately after Apple landed Samsung with a 15% share in the profits. So now you can ask about the simple mathematics, namely why Samsung and Apple brought out the profit level over 100 percent. The answer is simple. Some manufacturers such as HTC even in the first quarter of the current year incurred significant financial losses. Although Apple is responsible for marketing roughly 20% of smartphones worldwide, it continues to be able to obtain and maintain higher prices for iPhones than any smartphone currently has with Android. The average price of iPhone sold last year oscillated between $ 624 worldwide compared to 185 dollars for the average smartphone with Android. You have to admit, it's really phenomenal. Source: WSJ