More and more foreign portals focused on the news that is bring Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie. It seems that in fact with the new Nexus (actually Nexusami) will debut a new version of Android. News will be quite a bit. Interestingly, Google also plans to wring bat on androidowych pirates. Since these new products is quite a lot, let me immediately move on to the discussion.

Android Customization Center

System management easy as never? / Fig. AKS, Fotolia

Something was missing in previous versions of Android, namely the management of such a service, like wallpaper, ringtones and overlay modifying the appearance of our green system. Until now, these services were scattered in a sense, the operating system, along with the new release Andka, is to change it. It is said to open the "center" for external developers.

The "RoadRunner"

In brief, Google wants to work on a far-reaching optimization of the battery, the increased use of its capacity, so you have more time to enjoy the performance. Sources AndroidAndMe website do not give at this point, more information on this subject.

Substantial update Google Now, Google and Play Media Player

Photo. HDE, Fotolia

At this time, there is only information about the changes to Google Play. They are as follows: the introduction of personalized search, adding more payment options (what's your time to Google's already postulated many operators), you should also expect to simplify the process micropayments. Now Google has to be just a drop-down service, which should not surprise anyone and what the media player … well, looking at the current level is at stake probably just write it from scratch 😉

Android 4.2 … already!

It is answered by that they are not just idle prophecy, as the team provides AndroidAndMe screen from which it is clear that in recent times the number of users increased their site who enter the page is from a new, unpublished Android 4.2 KLP. Since for any major forums has not yet appeared or custom rom leak, it may suggest that at present only trusted employees have access to Google's new version of the system.

Bat on pirates

Google properly secure the device against pirates? / Fig. mipan, Fotolia

The new version of Android is an additional guarantee 64 MB of memory for multimedia file streams. So secure memory is to enable Google'owi signing contracts with more developers than it is today, especially those who avoid Android because of its widespread piracy. In return, the owners of Nexus to enjoy a lucrative access to media files. How do you think the rumors which reached AndroidAndMe team can check or a large part of the portals is the "sipped" most ordinary in the world of fiction, one of the editors? I think it looks all pretty reliably … 😉 Source: