Samsung Galaxy S6 premiere took place relatively recently. Despite this, it is already beginning to appear the first information about his successor, whose code name is "Jungfrau". It's no wonder, considering the yearly release cycle. At the moment we have some interesting information on the heart next flagship Galaxy.

The successor to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Qualcomm processor? / Photo.

Information about the commencement of works come from the Korean technology blog ET News. Taking these into account, we can assume that soon will begin the festival leaks and begin to learn about different details. Interestingly, according to these reports, the Koreans are testing the device with different processors including the Snapdragon and its own Exynos. Could S7 had its debut in two versions with different processors, in contrast to its predecessor? It is hard for this moment for a while to settle. Of course, it is likely that Samsung is testing various options before making a final decision about which processor will be the heart of the Samsung Galaxy S7. It might as well be sucked from the finger rumor; there is plenty of time to present the next flagship. Soon everything will start to clarify. Source: PhoneArena