The application protects against theft is one of the new features available in the newer devices Xperia line. Protection is unique because it offers security to the level of access to the bootloader device so that a potential thief could not do anything without our data. There is however a problem.

Xperia Z / photo. Sony

function works after removing the phone out of the box. For all new devices, Sony lets you lock or unlock the bootloader. The only thing that is required is really information about the said option, which is located in the system smartphone. However, if you turn on the phone security, the option to immediately change the value to negative. From this level we can unlock the bootloader only by disabling the protection and safeguards that will require their data security. The problem arises, however, then when we begin to integrate protection to the user whose smartphone is unlocked bootloader. In this situation (with unlocked bootloader) protection system will try to restore status to prohibit unlock .. which can cause damage to the device. Some users of Xperia products encountered this problem, after which the device simply stopped working. Sony has apparently already aware of the problem that occurred because your blog has included warning information smartphone users with unlocked bootloader. So before you decide to unlock an important element of the system, do not forget about that for now will not be able to benefit from an effective anti-theft function. Source: XperiaBlog