Today we pass two weeks since Apple released iOS 8.4. The changes were not large, but many users have been waiting for no particular reason, that in the latest update for the first time debuted Apple's music service. How, then, iOS 8.4 is doing so far?

iOS 8 / photo. Apple

it is pretty good. Mixpanel According to analysts who follow the adoption of a new platform, it turns out that in less than two weeks iOS 8.4 was installed on 37% percent of devices. Much? Little? It seems to me that, in comparison to update offered by Google is a downright excellent result. iOS 8.4 brings new features and fixes known bugs earlier but above all a new service the stream of American company called Apple Music. At the moment we are not sure whether all users have benefited from the new "baby" Apple and bought a basic subscription, which allegedly had wieścić fall Spotify. And you as think? Is 37 percent is not bad, but whether it could be better with the latest software firm with an apple in a logo? Source: Mixpane l via MacNN