We all remember the great Finnish mobile XpressMusic series. They offered us excellent music and really represent different price ranges (suffice it to mention the low-budget 5130 XM receiver). In time, they replaced the series production of X. However, the idea of ​​a dedicated headphone lovers soon fell. A pity.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic / photo producer

XpressMusic series for the Finns was what Sony Ericsson's Walkman. It is a pity that Nokia does not already have in your portfolio music headphones. Because many of us use the cell as a player and this is a very important criterion for the selection of a new device. I think that one "symbianowiec" and one Lumia is dedicated to people who appreciate the crystalline quality audio could pull some sales statistics you Elopowi. Finnish handset itself possessed of that line, and I enjoyed them perfectly. Make XpressMusic is quite recognizable. In my opinion, giving it to the list of errors Nokia in recent years. But hey, the bad decisions you have to pay. In the case of GSM industry legend, there were far too many. And as you recall with the music headphones?