Jolla is a relatively small European company that manufactures smartphones and creates an interesting operating system Sailfish OS, which is the spiritual heir to MeeGo. The system known from the Nokia N9 has been abandoned in favor of Windows Phone. Jolla is a company which has risen for the last four years, is on the verge of significant change.

Phone Jolla / photo. Jolla

Jolla Ltd. was founded in 2011 by two former employees of Nokia. One of them was Jussi Hurmola, who was head of the team working on MeeGo and who have not come to terms with the fact that it was abandoned. All the time believed that a system which created is good, has great potential and can succeed. He took advantage of a bridging program for laid-off workers of Nokia (under it received a loan) and founded the company discussed. The investment was made interesting Jolla Phone smartphone and tablet Jolla, which was donated by the community as part of the collection on the website Indiegogo. Now that the Finnish company is on the verge of key changes. Officially announced that Jolla Ltd. will focus exclusively on creating and licensing system Sailfish OS. Production of equipment that will work under his control will take a new, separate company. This treatment is to make Sailfish OS will remain fully independent and open operating system. But that's not all, however. Also changes a person as CEO of the company. Tomi present Pienimäki will start in August with another company. Until the emergence of a new CEO, will assume all of its features Antti Saarino, who is now chairman of the board. Poszukowania new CEO will take place this fall. The company will be present at Mobile World Congress next week in Shanghai, where he will be sent more information on the development and licensing system. Jolla determines the fair as key. Work is still underway on the tablet funded by the community. Currently they slowed somewhat because it is a problem accessing certain necessary parts, but the company is working on the problem, and this should be resolved soon.

Tablet Jolla

In my opinion, this is a very good move on the part of the Finns. I believe that focusing only on work on the system, will allow for faster its development and expansion, and that, hopefully, will result in its popularisation. Already the system, in my opinion, is really good and I would like to see it on high-end phones, and produced by different manufacturers. Let us hope that this scenario will come true soon. Source: press release