About ailing mobile division of Sony said the Web for a long time. It speculated that this may lead to its sale – in the end as long as you can tolerate the loss-making branch? Well, Sony claims that you can for a long time; at least according to the words of the head of the mobile division of the Japanese company.

This Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Xperia no Z3 +, can help Sony to increase sales / photo. GsmManiaK.pl

Hiroki Totoki, CEO of Sony Mobile, in an interview with Arabian Business announced to the world that the Japanese ,, ever sell this unit and never go out of mobile business ''. Thus, we can finally put to rest all the rumors which have appeared on the subject. Mr. Totoki sees an opportunity to improve the financial situation mainly by cutting costs by 30% by the end of next year, eg. By a further headcount reduction, this time by 1/5. Of course, savings is not everything, because the mobile division is also focus on further offering and delivering high quality products and technology development in key areas of the market, ie. The displays, cameras and audio tools. For me, the ultimate denial of all the rumors is very good news. Aside from personal sympathy for this brand I have to say that the disappearance of Sony's mobile market (the new owner yet would not give assurance that the new smartphones would have signed this brand heritage shared something more than the Sony logo) in spite of everything it would be a serious loss, eg. For competitiveness . The Japanese have the potential and success could bring another flagship, of course, if will be as revolutionary as suggested by leaks. At the moment the Japanese can at most count on the market success of their latest średniaków (such as Aqua or M4 Xperia Xperia E4), as the refreshed version of their flagship last year does not make much greater chance of sales success, even by the bad press Snapdragon 810 and problems with it bound. How we will see in the fall, perhaps even in the next installment of the James Bond 🙂 Source: ArabianBusiness via GSMArena