It would seem that with the presentation of the latest smartphones running the Windows Phone platform overlapping 8, rumors of Microsoft Surface Phone ebbed once and for all, taking into account that the HTC Windows Phone 8X, is recommended by the Redmond giant. Nothing could be further from the truth. After all, a few days ago Maciej inform you of the wheel in case of emergency Microsoft too low interest handsets with mobile windows. As you have noticed, Huawei has so far not announced his headphones, but it is a theory that explains it.

Surface Phone from Huawei? / Fig. raven, Fotolia

According to the latest reports, Huawei has an ace up its sleeve to Microsoft, because he will be responsible for the completion of Surface Phone, which is intended to provide the computing power provided by the Chinese chip company MediaTek. This rumor may be reflected in reality, because the Surface can not be equipment class, but rather a low-end designed for the masses, which will conquer the market an attractive price. It may be that this is something the likes of Nokia Lumia 610, which owes its popularity is great value, too exorbitant cyferkom looking at the specification, which allows for stable operation of the system. After all, not everyone needs 8S HTC Windows Phone Nokia Lumia or even 820th What you do you think? Source: Twitter