According to sources quoted by the media of South Korea, LG will remain the sole manufacturer of P-OLED displays that will feature in Apple Watch 2. The same sources give us the approximate date of its release. When it happens? At some point next year, which is obviously not a surprise.

Apple Watch / photo. Engadget

A month ago there were rumors that Samsung will co displays for the next generation of Apple Watch. According to the latest reports, the Cupertino giant was considering a number of manufacturers and a lot of scenarios, but it seems that LG will continue to be the only manufacturer of displays to Apple Watch. For Koreans is very good news, because for every watch sold earn about $ 20. Unfortunately, so far it is not known what portion of revenue LG is the production of P-OLEDów for Apple. This technology is designed for devices ubieralnych because it requires too thick frames and may be produced in many shapes. We do not know for sure whether Apple will keep for Watcha your 12 month release cycle, applied to other product lines. Unfortunately, the reports do not specify exactly where in the 2,016 years the device will debut on the market. What can we expect to the next generation? Probably improvements will layer hardware, but according to many users this is software still requires a lot of work. Source: PhoneArena